Disney+ will host a New Earth to Ned Alien Puppet Talk Show with Jim Henson Co.

Disney’ are known for their imagination of faraway lands and recognition of new talents. Here-in they once again bring in a unique show of an Alien Obsessed with Earthly things.

Disney+ is gearing up for a new show called Earth to Ned in 2020 after it goes live on November 12th of this year. This comedic half-hour puppet talk show came soon after the cancellation of Muppets Live Another Day, a Muppets revival series. The show will be on a streaming platform by Disney+ but the number of episodes in the first season is unclear. This Alien Puppet show is the result of a deal between Jim Henson Company and Disney.

The synopsis of this show is an out-of-this-world concept with a blue-skinned Alien Ned and his lieutenant Cornelius interviewing Celebrities in a talk show. The story starts like this: The Alien Ned and his lieutenant Cornelius were sent to scout Earth for an invasion but instead ended up with human culture. As the series progress Ned the Alien is ought to become more obsessed by the pop culture forgetting his mission to invade Earth.

Ned will be inviting celebrity guests along with Cornelius to talk about Ned’s current pop culture obsessions. In these interactions, one can expect the peculiar way of fun emerging out from Ned’s obsession with the Earthly culture. As the show progress, Ned learns more about Human culture and becomes more obsessed further deteriorating his intent of invading the earth. The show is a bit odd as one expects an Alien to be inhuman and wants to destroy earth but not in this case.

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