Paid Advertising Vs SEO


Paid Advertising (PPC)

  • Scale up Quickly, If you pay money you will get the traffic instantly.
  • Target audience as per region. The major advantage of paid advertising.
  • Dayparting, pay only in required hours.
  • Pay per click is one of the proven best ways of promoting a business online in less time.
  • PPC Offers Remarketing by reaching out to previously visited your website.
  • PPC will give you more accurate results and helps in fine-tuning your audience reach and make it more effective in achieving higher results. 
  • Pixel tracking using the tracking code that is a standard feature of PPC services including Adwords and Facebook Advertising.
  • PPC cost is very less compare to the high ROI if it is done in a right targetted way.
  • PPC allows tracking Ads in real time.
  • PPC gives greater control and targeted results.
  • More traffic over time. It will take more time to see results.
  • The continuous flow of Free targeted traffic.
  • SEO generates traffic that can be easily converted.
  • It's free and even if we use any paid tools it is cheap.
  • Organic listing is higher in CTR.
  • SEO can set up as an authority in your in Niche.
  • Huge Risk of getting impacted wnen there is a change in SEO rules and optimizations.


Which one is best? Depends on requirements, If it is not time constraint and to be more effective which is needed for longer time i would go with omnichannel approach from a day1. 

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