How to get your website on Google?

The fact is getting your website in Google search results is free and easy, In fact, we don't even need to submit our site to Google. Web Crawlers do crawl your site automatically only catch is we don't know when it does but the process is fully automated.
To determine if your site is in Google do a site search for your site's URL.
Example - "" returns these results.

If you don't see your site in google, it might be because Your site is not well connected with other sites on web or Google has not scheduled to crawl your site because your site or content is new (or) Design of content might be harder to crawl (or) Google received an error while crawling your site (or) Your site is blocking crawling.
To build a crawler-friendly site you should follow Google provided guidelines.
Use Google search console to submit manual sitemaps and to monitor the performance of search results.
To get business  \ map or other specialized information in google please refer "Get your content on Google"
Anyone who would like to see their contents in Google, there number one priority is to make sure the quality of content is good.
Once you check Quality next step is to make sure how secure, fast and easy to access. Some sites are slow which will substantially impact SEO rankings.
Please stay tuned for more updates and refer to " How to make your site Google friendly" for additional details. 

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