Google Chrome Browser Settings

1) Open Chrome, top right, select more and then Settings.


2) Show advanced settings,


3) Never sign in and sync data unless you are comfortable to share data with google. I do sync usually because I believe google keep it safe and experience I get when I change device is something amazing.


4) Chrome is my default browser I do like when it helps in navigation when I have errors. Rest I keep it as below in snapshot.


5) Content setting, very important section.

I recommend select “Keep local data only until you quit browser” under cookies section to secure your cookies. Some cookies do have your credentials to websites so be careful if you allow them to be set.


I clear browsing data frequently, sometimes every day.

I will not recommend to enable autofill and save passwords in any browser, if your browser data or device gets compromised very good chance hackers can get hold of critical data.

Plug-ins are important, you should assess before you allow handlers and Plug-ins are legitimate before you enable.


Do not allow Pop-ups and I usually don’t allow any site track my physical location.


Unsandboxed plug-in access I would make Ask when site wants or Do not allow any sites.

7) Select Change proxy settings, I would select,

Internet - Medium and Enable protected mode.

Trusted site – Medium High

Restricted sites - High



8) If you are very serious about your website to be secure and if you want to cross check certificates from a trusted or untrusted publishers follow below steps. I usually see the website is able to access using https if I need to do data exchange like authenticating and sharing your personal data. If it is just to browse I am ok if it passes all my previous settings in this article.


9) Be careful with your extensions, never install an extension before proper assessment of provider. Read comments from other users, I do use few extensions but when I don’t need I usually remove it.


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