Microsoft IE & Edge Browser Settings

Follow this guide on setting up Internet Explorer for the best and more secure way to browse, Below 10 steps will cover most important security features which will avoid majority of threats during our day to day browsing.

Note - Upgrade and check for updates frequently. Many times Microsoft will release bug fixes frequently to fix identified threats and vulnerabilities. 

1) Select More in right hand top corner, (Please note most of the upgraded desktop will have below view it is Microsoft edge light weight faster browser from Microsoft)


2) Select Settings, 

3) Turn on Block pop-ups settings as shown in snap shot below. 

4) Select open proxy settings to update proxy settings. I keep it off because i don't use any proxy.  


 5) I recommend, not to save passwords, turn on send do not track requests settings (This is of no use sometimes because some sites ignore this settings, I will explain one other settings in internet explorer to enforce it in below steps).


 6) I recommend to block only third party cookies, some site do need those, I would enable based on my assessment of the site. 

 7) Select more again and choose internet explorer, 


8) Select Internet Options, 

 9) Delete history / Cookies in frequent intervals if the browser is up for long time and also i select to delete history once i exit as below. 


 10) Below options under Location is very important, i would recommend to select all three which will not allow websites to get your physical locations, block pop-ups and disable tool bars & extensions. 


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