Google Mapping stories with a new Street View Trekker


Google - 

"From climbing 3,000 feet up El Capitan in Yosemite to floating the canals of Venice to exploring the ancient city of Petra, people and organizations all over the world have used the Street View Trekker to document the places they’re passionate about. Together, we’ve published these adventures in 360 degree view on Google Maps for anyone in the world—no matter where you are—to enjoy."

From many days and years, Google is collecting feedback from the people and partners who used Trekker around the world. The newly upgraded trekker with better technology and improvements will help in collecting pictures in a more effective way.
The new model is sleeker, lighter, robust and with the better technology standards like increased aperture and higher resolution sensors which will help in getting better quality pictures.

The new version is available through the Trekker loan program which can be used in cars, boats or even zip lines.
With the new version, We will not be surprised to see more amazing pictures next time in some amazing locations.


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