How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website?

My best Three contents and referral articles which are proven and narrated from few great influencers, Please bookmark and share this article with others so they can benefit like me and like others. 


3 Unorthodox SEO Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic From Neil Patel -

1) Go and buy other properties within your space. (I Blog on everything thing I like, What Neil is saying is if you blog on green tea, go buy other popular Green Tea blogs).
2) Go after peoples who are promoting your competitors. ( Interesting) and Giving Services/products for the major player is a great idea of free publicity).
3) Ranking in English is competitive, BUt other languages? There are much lack of contents and getting ranking in other languages will be easier. Outreach to influencers in other languages, Build the links, Build the social rankings there to get more traffic and rank yourself higher.



I am a big follower of Neil, many times he gives more tips then he calls out and he is always ready to share his secret sauce of success.

On stop and very detailed suggestion on this topic is from Wrayward, I visit this article every few days once to make sure I am practicing his suggestions. I feel this is the only article we need and nothing else we need to build an organic traffic. Make your own notes on top of this stick to the wall next to your monitor and read it more often until it is habitual. Please do visit and read his complete article if you have not read that yet.

  • Write for your audience.
  • Create an editorial calendar but be flexible.
  • Leverage industry trends or timely topics.
  • Develop evergreen content.
  • Be unique.
  • Be better.
  • Conduct advanced keyword research and have realistic expectations.
  • Include keywords in your title, headlines, subheads, and bold copy.
  • Build relationships with subject matter experts and industry influencers.
  • Have a link building strategy.
  • Address back-end measures such as title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Don’t forget image file names and alt tags.
  • Avoid careless technical errors.
  • Provide a great user experience.
  • Remember that there are no shortcuts or secret formulas to SEO.

Adrian's article is straight and very relevant to this topic, I love it because the way he narrated it, No one can stop a content or a blog go popular or Viral when you Build a content with researched Keyword, with Quality content, with good Social Publicising and doing it consistently with good SEO discipline. Please do visit and read his complete article if you have not read that yet. 

  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Content
  • Get Social
  • Frequent Blogging
  • Ethical Link Building

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