Digital Marketing in 2019 | Neil Patel

How Digital Marketing will change in 2019? 6 Tips From Neil

Tips - 

  1. Omni Channel approach.
  2. Search is moving to Voice search, by 2025 the majority of searches will be voice search.
  3. Conversion Optimization.
  4. Leverage Funnels,
  5. Content Marketing will not work, will not be easy. 
  6. Video Contents is future.
  7. Podcasting is taking over.

Additional Points - 

    • Face Book's old ways of inviting all your friends with your consent will no more work.
    • We have many online businesses and blogs and more the business more the competitors. 
    • Your Site should be secure, bare minimum use https.
    • The site should Load Fast. Lag for few seconds might lose your customer forever. 
    • Contents should be Short and to on Point.
    • How many sales you are getting? Advertising will increase in cost day by day and it will continue. 
    • Tools like crazy egg and Hello Bar will evolve, Competitors will be more and one who uses advanced tool will win the race.




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