Wireshark Collections

  • A list of tools Web page of links to various networking tools

  • dsniff is a collection of tools for network auditing and penetration testing (BSD style?, BSD/Linux/Solaris/...)

  • Network Security Toolkit (NST 24-7977) Fedora-based (F24) bootable Linux distribution with best-of-breed open source network security tools. Provides a Web-Based frontend to the dumpcap network packet capture engine with dump file format: pcapng support. Simultaneous network packet capture on up to 4 network interfaces per Multi-Tap session is supported. Also provides IPv4 Address conversation geolocations and extensive HTML report generation from PDML and PSML packet decoding. See the article: Multi-Tap Network Packet Capturing for a tutorial and example usage. Capture starting can be delayed by a duration or an absolute date. Captures can be uploaded from NST to "CloudShark.org" or a "CloudShark Appliance" for viewing, sharing and analysis in a web browser (See: HowTo Use The NST CloudShark Upload Manager for additional information).

  • Packetfactory projects Various networking-related tools and libraries

  • Top 75 Security Tools from nmap users votes


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