Wireshark Wrappers

  • dumpcapui - A GUI front-end for dumpcap.exe that helps you in setting up dumpcap.exe captures and allows storing and retrieving of those settings at a later time. (Windows)

  • Net::Sharktools - Use Wireshark's packet dissection engine from Perl (blog entries: 1 2).

  • Packet Dump Decode (pdd) is a simple and convenient GUI wrapper around the Wireshark tools to convert packet hexdumps into well formatted xml (viz. text2pcap and tshark). Using pdd, you just need to copy-paste the hexdump into pdd and hit the "Decode" button (GPL, Linux/Win32)

  • Packet Hexdump Decoder (phd) is a web-based utility that uses Wireshark tools to decode packet hexdumps online.

  • Sharktools - Use Wireshark's packet dissection engine from Matlab and Python (announcement).

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