Wireshark scripts

  • dumpcap.bat A batch file front-end for dumpcap.exe. It allows you to save dumpcap.exe settings, be notified of capture events or trigger dumpcap.exe capturing after a capture event occurs. It also provides hooks for performing custom actions through user-defined batch files, among other things. In order to get the most out of this batch file, it is recommended that you also download Handle.exe as well as mailsend1.17b14.exe, being sure to rename it to mailsend.exe. These executables should be saved either in a directory that is in your PATHor in the same directory as dumpcap.bat itself. (GPL, Windows)

  • maxfiles.bat A batch file to limit either the number of files in a directory to a specified limit, or the total disk space consumed by those files or both.

  • menushark, a Bourne shell menu script to allow users to employ the use of tshark by answering a few menu questions. The script also gives you the command that the menu system has made to try to teach you how to use tshark at the command line.

  • mpeg_dump, a Lua script that adds a Wireshark extension to dump MPEG-2 transport stream packets (ISO/IEC 13818-1) from a network capture to a file, for example, to extract one or more mpeg PIDs that were transported via UDP unicast or multicast.

  • osXextraction, a Mac OS X bash script to extract particular packet types from a capture file (NOTE: it's not very OS X-specific - some small changes should allow it to work on other UN*Xes, and would probably allow it to work on Windows with Cygwin as well.)

  • RtpDumpScript, a perl script to dump RTP audio data

  • RtpH263DumpScript, a perl script to dump H.263 video data

  • tektronix2pcap, a script to convert Tektronix rf5 files to pcap format that can be loaded into Wireshark. Note that current versions of Wireshark can directly read rf5 binary captures.

  • update-ws-profiles and update-ws-profiles.bat automate changing strings in a collection of Wireshark profiles, e.g. changing "gui.filter_expressions.expr: eth.addr==11:22:33:44:55:66" to "gui.filter_expressions.expr: eth.addr==66:55:44:33:22:11"

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