Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform Facts and Specs

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform Facts and Specs

  • The Qualcomm Spectra 280 ISP supports capture of up to 16 MP at 60 images per second.
  • Qualcomm Adreno 630 Visual Processing Subsystem (including GPU,VPU and DPU), featuring room-scale 6DoF with SLAM, Adreno Foveation, and significantly improved graphics.
  • Qualcomm Hexagon 685 DSP supports sophisticated, on-device AI processing.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 LTE modem Blazing fast Gigabit LTE download speeds with 5x carrier aggregation and 4x4 MIMO support.
  • Qualcomm Kryo 385 CPU,10nm LPP, optimized across 4 performance and 4 efficiency cores.
  • Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is the first to feature 64x more color information via Ultra HD premium video capture.
  • Adreno 630 is Room-Scale VR for mobile XR headsets with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).
  • Snapdragon 3rd generation AI Platform is on-device intelligence.
  • Vault-like security (Need to further dig in the enhancements to make a statement).

Visual Processing Subsystem
• Qualcomm Adreno 630 Visual Processing Subsystem
• Open GL ES 3.2, Open CL 2.0, Vulkan, DirectX 12
• Ultra HD Premium video playback and encoding @ 4K (3840x2160) 60fps, 10bit HDR, Rec 2020 color gamut
• Slow motion HEVC video encoding of either HD (720p) video up to 480fps or FHD (1080p) up to 240fps
• H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), VP9, DisplayPort over USB Type-C support
• eXtended Reality (XR)
• Room-Scale 6DoF with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
• 2400x2400 @ 120 FPS per eye
• Adreno Foveation: multiple technology advancements for multi-view, tile-based foveation with eye-tracking and fine grain preemption

• Qualcomm Hexagon 685 DSP with:
• 3rd Gen Vector Extensions
• Qualcomm All-Ways Aware Sensor Hub
• Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) SDK
• Caffe, Caffe2 and Tensorflow support 

• Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec and speaker amplifier
• Qualcomm aptX audio playback with support for aptX Classic and HD
• Native DSD support, PCM up to 384kHz/32bit CPU
• 8x Qualcomm Kryo 85

• Up to 2.8 GHz
• 2nd Gen 10nm LPP  process technology 

• LPDDR4x, 4x16 bit
• Up to 1866MHz, 8GB RAM Image Signal Processor
• Qualcomm Spectra 280

Image Signal Processor
• New architecture for 14-bit image signal processing, with support for up to:
• Single HFR 16 MPix camera at 60fps ZSL
• Dual 16 MPix cameras at 30fps ZSL
• Single 32 MPix camera at 30fps ZSL
• Can connect up to 7 different cameras (many configurations possible)
• Multi-frame Noise Reduction (MFNR) with accelerated image stabilization
• Hybrid Autofocus with support for dual phase detection (2PD) sensors
• Ultra HD Premium video capture @ 4K (3840x2160) 60fps, 10bit HDR, Rec 2020 color gamut
• Higher quality video capture with Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF)
• 3D structured light active depth sensing, with accelerated face detection/recognition 

• Qualcomm Quick Charge 4/4+ technology 

Optimized Software Solutions
• Android and Windows OS 

• Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit (SPU)
• Qualcomm Processor Security
• Qualcomm Mobile Security
• Qualcomm Content Protection 

• Snapdragon X20 LTE Modem
• Support for 1.2 Gbps Gigabit LTE
• Downlink: LTE Cat 18 up to 1.2 Gbps, 5x20 MHz carrier aggregation, up to 256-QAM, up to 4x4 MIMO on three carriers
• Uplink: LTE Cat 13 up to 150 Mbps, Qualcomm Snapdragon Upload+ (2x20 MHz carrier aggregation, up to 64-QAM)
• License Assisted Access (LAA)
• Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) shared radio spectrum
• Dual SIM Dual VoLTE (DSDV)
• Qualcomm All Mode with support for all major cellular modes plus LAA.

Support for:
• VoLTE with SRVCC to 3G and 2G, HD and Ultra HD Voice (EVS), CSFB to 3G and 2G
• Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) with LTE call continuity 

• Qualcomm Wi-Fi
• 802.11ad Multi-gigabit with 60 GHz diversity module
• Wi-Fi integrated 802.11ac 2x2 with MU-MIMO
• Tri-band Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS) + 60 GHz
• 11k/r/v: Enhanced mobility, fast acquisition and congestion mitigation for Carrier Wi-Fi
• Qualcomm TrueWireless Bluetooth 5.0 with proprietary enhancements for:
• Ultra-low power wireless ear buds
• Direct audio broadcast to multiple devices 

RF Front End
• Qualcomm Signal Boost adaptive antenna tuning
• High-power transmit (HPUE)

• GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS,and SBAS
• Low Power Geofencing and Tracking, Sensorassisted  Navigation

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It will be interesting to see 855 upgrades, recent statement as a created lot of speculations. 

Qualcomm’s senior vice president of product management, Keith Kressin said that:

“We’re ready for foldable phones. And if an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) wants to introduce a mobile with a Snapdragon 855, awesome.”




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