PEN Testing

PEN Testing

A penetration test known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the system's features and data.Pen test is a way of finding loopholes in a system and fixing them.

The following parameters should be followed before doing a pen test

The amount of time for the pen test.
Where will be the IP source of the attack.
The penetration fields of the system.

Types of penetration tests

Black box-Here the hacker does not known the knowledge and internal working of an organization that he is trying to hack.He finds the information on his own.
Grey box-The ethical hacker has a partial knowledge of the infrastructure, like its domain name.
White box-Here all the necessary information about the infrastructure and the network of the organization that he needs to penetrate is provided.
External Penetration Testing-This test mainly focuses on network infrastructure or servers and their software operating under the infrastructure.Webpages,webserves,public DNS servers etc are the infrastructures targeted by a hacker.
Internal Penetration Testing-Here the hacker is inside the network of the company and conducts his tests from there.

Penetration test can cause problems such as system malfunctioning,system crashing or data loss.

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