TOOLS used in Ethical Hacking

TOOLS used in Ethical Hacking - 

Tools are used to prevent unauthorized hacking of computer or network system

Some of the tools

  • NMAP
  • Metasploit
  • Burp Suite
  • Angry IP Scanner
  • Cain and Abel
  • Ettercap
  • Ether peek
  • Superscan
  • QualysGuard
  • WebInspect
  • LC4
  • LANguard Network Security Scanner
  • Network Stumbler
  • ToneLoc


Network Mapper(NMAP) is used for network discovery and security auditing.It was designed to scan large networks and also used for network inventory,managing service upgrade schedules and monitoring host or service uptime.

NMAP uses IP packets to determine whether the host is available on the network and the services offered by the host,the operating system which the host is using and the type of firewalls that are in use.

NMAP runs on Windows,Mac and Linux.


Metasploit is an exploit tool.Metasploit can be used with command prompt and Web UI.It performs some operations like conducting pen test for networks,check vulnerabilities,discover network and browse exploit on hosts.

Burp Suite is used for performing security testing of web applications.It contains various tools that work together in testing process,from mapping and analysis of an application’s surface attack,to find and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Angry IP Scanner

It is a  lightweight,cross-platform IP address and port scanner.It scans all range of IP addresses.It uses multithreaded approach to increase scanning speed otherwise for each scanned IP address a separate scanning thread is created.

IP address is pinged to check if it’s alive,and then the hostname is resolved,MAC address is determined,scans ports,etc.It can gather information adout scanned IPs using plugins.

Cain and Abel

It is a recovery tool used by microsoft operating systems to retrieve passwords by employing the following methods

  • Sniffing.
  • Using dictionary and brute force to crack encrypted passwords.
  • By recording VoIP conversations.
  • By decoding scrambled passwords.
  • Uncovering cached passwords.

It is used by security consultants and pen testers


It stands for ethernet capture.It is a network security tool for Man-in-the-Middle attacks.It features sniffing of live connections and content filtering on the fly.Ettercap has network and host analysis.Both active and passive dissection of protocol is supported.It can run on all operating systems.

Ether peek  

Ether peek simplifies network analysis in a multiprotocol heterogeneous network environment.It proactively sniffs traffic packets on a network.It supports protocols such as AppleTalk,IP,IP ARP(Address Resolution Protocol),Netware, TCP,UDP,NetBEUI and NBT packets.


It is a network administrator tool used to scan TCP ports and to resolve hostnames.It is used to

  • Ping scans and port scans using any IP range.
  • To scan any port range from a built-in list.
  • To view connected hosts responses.
  • Discover a open port and connect to it.
  • To assign a custom helper application to any port.


It is an integrated tool utilized to simplify security operations.QualysGuard provides critical security intelligence and automates the full spectrum of auditing.It provides crucial protection for IT systems and web applications. QualysGuard  provides a set of tools that can be used to monitor,detect and protect the user global network.


As the name suggests it is a web application security assessment tool that helps in identifying both the known and unknown vulnerabilities within the web application layer. It is used to check if a web server is properly configured,and checks web attacks like parameter injection,cross-site scripting,directory traversal.


LC4 is a password auditing and recovery application.Lophtcrack as it is formerly known is used to test password strength and recover lost Microsoft Windows password by brute force and hybrid attacks.

LC4 is used to recover Windows user account passwords to streamline migration of users to another authentication system or to access accounts whose passwords are lost.

LANguard Network Security Scanner

It  is used to scan connected machines and provide information about each node by monitoring a network.It can detect registry issues and have a report set up in a HTML format.For each system it can list the netbios name table,current logged-on user and MAC address.

Network Stumbler

NetStumbler (also known as Network Stumbler) is a tool for Windows that facilitates detection of Wireless LANs using the 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g WLAN standards.Non broadcasting wireless networks can be found using it.

It is commonly used for

  • Verifying network configurations.
  • Detecting causes of wireless interference.
  • Detecting unauthorized access points.
  • To find it’s strength or coverage. 


ToneLoc was a popular war dialing computer program for MS-DOS written in the early to mid-1990s.War dialing is a technique of using a modem to automatically scan a list of telephone numbers,usually dialling every number in a local area code to search for modems, computers, bulletin board systems (computer servers) and fax machines. Hackers use the resulting lists for various purposes like to breach computer security,for guessing user accounts or locating modems that might provide an entry-point into computer or other electronic systems.It may also be used by security personnel, to detect unauthorized devices.

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