How search works

Quick points on how search works - 

  • Crawling or very similar process is used by Google and other search engines to find new or updated web pages.
  • The terms "crawl" and "index" are often used interchangeably, they are slightly different and closely related.
  • Google use web crawlers to organize information from webpages and other publicly available content in the Search index.
  • Google ranking systems sort through all available webpages in the Search index to give you useful and relevant results.
  • Search process and algorithms are working and evolving every second while you read this article.
  • Search Engines analyze what the words in your search query mean.
  • Search Engines build language models to decipher words for comparison in the index.
  • Search Engines interpret spelling mistakes when needed.
  • Search Engines understand the query and they compare against natural language understanding research works.
  • Search Engines will analyze If the query is very specific or a broader query.
  • Search Engines will analyze and show results based on a type, Example - “review” or “pictures” or “opening hours” or "Information" or a "Place"...........
  • As per Google Every day 15% of the queries Google process are the brand new ones.
  • Search Engines Update their databases with the latest information, sometimes indexing with the latest changes or a new content which is created a few minutes back.

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