Ranting about Cyber-security

Cyber-security is to protect information systems in any means and it’s a broader topic to discuss which will cover multiple terms, methods, topics, technologies. Computer security or IT security or cyber security is very important nowadays due to increased dependency on computer systems and internet connected devices. Currently, most of the electronic devices such as computers, laptops, and cell phones come with built-in firewall security software, but despite this, they are not secure. Hackers do find a new way or a bug to break security, However, they can be protected through well by built-in software and better hardware. 

As we all know prevention is better than cure, if we follow best practices and prevent the threat we can protect our information systems. I believe Security design should be there in every major step of new projects and initiatives, Actual designers should think like hackers. Whatever the motivation behind hacking information systems the end state is we are compromised, we hear very frequently how it’s impacting from major organizations to end users. Let me stop ranting about computer security, we do find many writings and information about IT security in web, let me try to cover my goal for next one year, I will be starting with major domains which all IT certifications cover nowadays and also I will be sharing my thoughts in blogs about major news in IT security . I will be covering Information security governance, Risk management, Access control, security architecture, and design, Software development security, Cryptography, Business resiliency & DR strategy, Telecommunication and Network security, Regulations, Operation security, Physical security, and last but not least Ethical hacking techniques. 

My goal is to deep dive, discuss, share and learn from each of this writing experiences in coming days. Thanks again for visiting and reading my articles.

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