How to backlink your website

For SEO we all know how important it is backlinking, the journey I am taking in this article is to test every single step recommended and proven by SEO Gurus in recent days. 

Most of the recommended options are tested in 2019 and relevant in 2020. We all agree backlinking is an important milestone we need to achieve in SEO ranking, Google and other search engines consider this as an important step to rank your website or an article to rank higher.

"External backlinks" or an "Inbound backlinks" and are the links created for your article or a website from other websites.


In the above example, TopBlogPost is backlinked by Cleo deals, Site1 and Site2.

For example, a keyword "Today's deals" is backlinked in Cleodeals, Site1, and Site2.

Observe two words in the example,
"Today's deals" is backlinked to
"Cleodeals" is backlinked to

Before we start building links we should design a quality website and build quality contents with all recommended tips and tricks from Google and search engines,
Note below points and fix or validate every recommendation before we start backlinking efforts,

  • Run google page speed insights. The recommended score is above 60.
  • Test your site if it is mobile friendly using Google tool.
  • Use Siteliner to Find duplicate content, broken links, and more.
  • UX issues.
  • Broken links and Error pages.
  • Duplicate metadata.
  • Canonicalization.
  • Use MozBar which is a free SEO toolbar that will easily show you the canonical tag on any given page.
  • Fix redirect chains, Avoid looping users and try to redirect to your target page.
  • 30X will not impact ranking if it is intentional but try to avoid and convert 302's to 301's. (301 redirect means that the page has permanently moved to a new location, 302 redirect means that the move is only temporary.)
  • Check every stats in search analytics, Speed, Mobile usability, Crawl stats ...
  • Use Screaming Frog free tool to analyze your 404's. Response Codes -> Client errors.
  • Ahrefs and Majestic’s bulk analysis tools can be used to cross-check if we have any backlinks for 404's. If you find any pages have 301 redirect the page to relevant content.
  • Fix broken external links using Ahrefs, Go to “Outgoing links” and click “Broken Links”.
  • I would recommend starting using  Screaming Frog SEO Spider to find all major issues such as 302 redirects, redirect chains, 404 errors, canonical errors, duplicate META data and incorrect uses of directives. It needs substantial auditing to understand and fix all the major issues on the site.

Screaming Frog Checks -

Building quality and valuable detailed content with well-planned website architecture are very important which will eventually help to build the backlinks naturally. Other websites and influencers will love to backlink so they can recommend your content to there viewers which will, in turn, increase your website's credibility. This will be the best strategy to build authority in the long run.

That said Building quality content is the most important step which will become your asset in the future. Now let us presume you have great content, a great website which passed all the above checks, what will be your next steps to build backlinks?

What is the best relevant backlink? how to we measure if it is best?

  • The relevancy of the backlinks hitting the domain websites should be relevant to your topic or your industry and website linking to their website relevant to yours.
  • The stronger the site, the better the results will be, the best link analysis tools are: Ahrefs, Majestic and Open Site Explorer.
  • Link quality is important.
  • Your mindset should be to build a niche and detail good quality content, never ever have a mindset to backlink just to get traffic and ranking.
  • Focus on getting backlinks on websites that are highly ranked and popular which as editorial standards.
  • The OUtbound link should be from relevant niche websites, so you can benefit from relevant traffic. 
  • Target websites should be indexed in google else the backlink will be useless.
  • Paid backlinking from some companies uses repetitive and same websites for backlinking for multiple websites which might trigger Google AI's to find out if the backlink are accurate. This can impact rankings. You should identify do enough research to avoid harmful backlinks.
  • Avoid public link networks. 
  • Large amounts of outbound links which are irrelevant links and outbound links going to “bad neighborhoods” (gambling, pharma, etc.) will be a toxic backlink.
  • Sidebar, Footer Backlinks will work sometimes but it's risky, google can find it out.
  • Avoid and never use automated backlinking software.

Let us now focus on how we should build a quality backlink,

  • First and foremost strategize your social media presence, your business should have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Choose which social platform is relevant to your business and focus on that.
  • Google values business listings focus on getting your listing where ever it is possible.
  • Niche Targeted Directory listing should be on your priority list.
  • Geo-targeted directories should link sources for local businesses.
  • Enable niche relevant blog comments.
  • Concentrate on Niche Targeted Forum backlinks.
  • Content-Driven Approach is the best and there is no alternate way that is good for the long run to drive high authority quality backlinks to a website.
  • Plan for the Right keywords, Create great quality content around that specific keyword and finally Promote the content via social and backlinks is the thumb rule you should follow.
  • Focus to build relationships with bloggers in your industry and produce quality content to get natural backlinks.
  • Niche relevant guest posts.
  • 301 Redirect an expired domain to your website, It is also called a merger technique. 
  • Focus on value addition to your user, if there is no good quality value add you generate for users, users will not like your content obviously google doesn't like it too.
  • Do deep-dive research on your topic and try to give as relevant details as possible.
  • Create content that is readable, easy to scan, use images, make sure you don’t have distracting design elements.
  • Be consistent, creative, unique and try to outperform other others in your industry. 
  • Build a relationship with your visitors.
  • Build email lists and communicate with your subscribers. 

Most of the suggestions listed in this article well tested and I will continue making updates to this article in regular intervals in 2020. 





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