Keep your home safe with the Secure Alarm System Starter Pack from Nest. This system features the Nest Secure Guard, which serves as the security base station. It is equipped with an 85 dB SPL siren to deter intruders. The Guard's built-in keypad is ideal for those who prefer to arm and disarm their system with a passcode. In addition, you could also arm and disarm your system with one of the included Nest Secure Tag devices, or via the free Nest app available for iOS and Android devices. The system supports up to 10 Tag devices, making it possible to give them to children, family members, and other loved ones.  Also included in the system are two Nest Secure Detect devices that are designed to be placed on a wall, window, or door. This device can detect motion up to 15' away, and when a door or window opens and closes. When placed on a door it will detect both motion and when it opens or closes. Quiet Open technology enables you to open a door while your home alarm is set without triggering it. In addition, the Pathlight feature will briefly illuminate the area when you walk past the Detect, and will turn off once you've walked away from it. This system is capable of Wi-Fi connectivity on both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Additionally, it is also Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible.  Features: 3 security levels include alarm off, home and guarding, and away and guarding  Security alerts let you know what triggered an alarm, giving you the option to call the police or an emergency contact  No Rush feature enables you to arm and disarm the alarm at your own pace, with a friendly voice alerting you to how much time you have left  Remind Me alerts enable you to arm your system directly from your smartphone  Tamper detection  Detects include two replaceable coin batteries  Dog pass ensures that your dog doesn't set off the motion sensors and alarm  Support for up to 30 Detect devices  Tags are suitable for children, family members, dog walkers, babysitters, or anyone who requires access to your secured home  Tags can be disabled if they get lost or stolen  Support for up to 10 Tag devices  Tags are IP57-rated water- and drop-resistant  Optional Nest Pro installation is available for those who don't want to install the system themselves  Free Nest app for mobile viewing and control from iOS and Android devices, with Nest Aware available separately via subscription 



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